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"Nature and Quantity of Goods" of the air waybill

Dear partners,


In accordance with the requirements of the Customs codex of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU), the name of the product must be indicated in transport documents.

When specifying the nature of the cargo "CONSOL in the column "Nature and Quantity of Goods" of the air waybill, please ensure that electronic cargo information (FWB, FHL) is provided and that it corresponds to the information on the paper air waybill and home air waybill. If the specified information is not available, Sheremetyevo customs will impose a ban on unloading the cargo from the aircraft and the cargo will be returned to the point of departure.

To avoid delays in customs clearance, data must be provided on arrival - 4 hours before the flight arrives at Sheremetyevo, and on departure - 2 hours before the flight departs from Sheremetyevo.

Thanks for observing these rules, please contact our Team for further questions.



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