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Service Update


Dear DHL Aviation Customer

First I hope you, your employees, and your family members are safely navigating the Covid-19 threat.

I wanted to take a moment to update you on the DHL Aviation operation.

Ongoing operations – classified as an “essential” service, DHL Aviation is permitted to continue
operating during the crisis. DHL Aviation continues to operate a full air schedule in most regions
of the world. Border closures have added complications to those countries served exclusively by
truck. The border restrictions remain dynamic so check with your DHL contact on current rules
prior to booking your shipment.

US Domestic & Transborder service – Full schedule. Normal operations. Flown-as-booked
remained high during week 12, reaching the upper 90’s. We anticipate an uptick in demand
starting March 23 so plan accordingly. DHL will be supplementing capacity on key routes to
manage volume growth. This week, DHL will commence a 2nd CVG LAX CVG flight effective
today, March 23.

Latin America, Canada, & Mexico – Service remains as normal. New intercontinental flights have
been added from the JFK, CVG and MIA gateways (see below) to provide connecting opportunities
from Canada, Mexico, and Latin America to Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. 

To Europe, the Middle East, and Africa – DHL Aviation continues to increase the weekly scheduled
Cargo charter frequency. To supplement the normal DHL Express schedule, DHL ACS will add 18
weekly cargo charters / +1200 tons, Week 13 (March 23) to Europe and the Middle East as follows:

- CVGEMA - +6 A330F – days 2 through 7; +300T / week,
- CVGLHR (new) - +2 A330F – days ¾; +100T / week
- CVGLEJ - +7 77F / A330F – days 1 through 7; +550T / week
- CVGBRU - +1 767F – day 7; + 50T
- CVGBAH - +1 747F – day 1; +75T
- JFKEMA - +1 767F – day 6; +50T
- MIABRU/LEJ (new service) - +5 767F – days 2 through 6; + 250T

NOTE: DHL can handle cargo from most of your locations - DHL serves over 60 cities in North
America, Mexico, and Latin America with full freighters, which connect with our intercon network.

Intercontinental availability week 13: Capacity availability remains available but limited. Best
options: MIABRU (new); UK - Thursday and beyond to the UK (EMA & new LHR); new day 7 BRU;
CVGLEJ beginning week 14. We are currently evaluating additional charter operations to the
Middle East for Week 14. Let us know if you have interest. We will also review demand over the
course of the week and share any flight additions with you.

Pricing for charter capacity – Due to the added expense associated with charter operations, the
DHL tariff and contract pricing applicable to the DHLE network flights are not applicable on the
charter flights. Contact DHL ACS for applicable charter flight pricing

On behalf of the DHL ACS team, we want to thank you for continued support. Please pass along to your
organization our thanks and well wishes for a safe and speedy recovery to this tragedy. In the
meantime, let us know if you have any questions or special requests.



Kevin Connor

Vice President Cargo

DHL Express Aviation AM

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