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Delivery of airfreight shipments according to regulations

Vehicles delivering secure cargo are often not properly locked / sealed. Locked means ‘closed with a lock of which only the truck driver has the key’
According to EU Regulation 2015-1998 locking or sealing of vehicles delivering secure airfreight shipments is mandatory. In article is stated:
In order to guarantee that shipments, which have undergone the required security checks, are protected from manipulation by unauthorized persons:
a) Shipments have to be packed or sealed by the authorized agent or known shipper in order to guarantee manipulation is clearly visable, or if this is not possible that alternative security measures have been taken in order to protect the integrity of this shipment, and
b) The cargo hold of the vehicle with which the shipments are transported has to be locked or sealed, or in case of Curtainside trailers a TIR-line has to be in place, making manipulations visible, or in case of flatbed vehicles the cargo space has to be under supervision, and
c) Transport companies, which have an agreement with the known agent or know shipper, agree to the in attachement 6-E included shippers declaration, unless the transport company itself is approved as known agent.”
Based on the above , as per 20MAY19, our GHA MWC will check all delivery trucks (local aswell as international) for this at the gate. All freight deliveries that do not comply to this regulation are seen as non-secure. All non-secure shipments will be refused for acceptance unless you will agree to arrange "making secure" via MWC directly.

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