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 Brucargo 20 September 2018,

 Dear partner,

US Customs Border Protection (CBP) and Transport Security Administration (TSA) have since 2010 led a joint initiative

Pilot program called ACAS (Air Cargo Advance Screening) to enhance the security of the air cargo supply chain to

the US. ACAS is administered on a 24/7 basis by their National Targeting Center Cargo (NTCC).

The ACAS mandatory program came into effect on June 12th 2018, and requires the filing of air cargo information in

electronic message format to the NTCC for security risk assessment. ACAS applies to each shipment (at piece level)

that is going to or through the US from a foreign location, and security risk assessment must be completed prior to

loading on the aircraft.

For Cargolux, it is therefore critical to receive the ACAS shipment data from our customers as soon as possible, for

subsequent transmission to the NTCC for security risk assessment.

The minimum 6 data elements required for ACAS apply to AWBs and to HAWBs:

- Shipper/Sender details (minimum: full name and full postal address)

- Consignee/Receiver details (minimum: full name and full postal address)

- Commodity description (avoid generic descriptions)

- Weight

- Number of pieces (smallest external packing unit)

- Shipment identification number (AWB number / HAWB number)

If ACAS data filing cannot be performed accurately and in a timely manner, a shipment will have to be stopped for

specific security checks, which may mean:

- risk of delay (for further data gathering and security risk assessment),

- risk of damage (when opening the shipment for security screening reasons)

- risk of refusal of shipment

- risk of penalties

If a filed shipment raises concerns during the NTCC security risk assessment, additional data and/or specific security

screening referral measures may subsequently be requested by NTCC. In a worst case scenario, a shipment is refused

entry into the US and should not be loaded on the aircraft. US regulations state that carriers are not permitted to load

and fly cargo to the US without the goods completing satisfactory ACAS security risk assessment by the NTCC.

Cargolux is currently in the process of implementing ACAS filing and referral resolving processes worldwide, and will issue

further details in the future as necessary to the relevant parties. This is in order to meet the ACAS legal enforceable

deadline of 12th June 2019.

What does Cargolux require for ACAS?

Cargolux requires our customers to send all shipment data, as the following IATA Cargo-IMP standard electronic

messages to the Cargolux eChamp system:

1) Complete and accurate FWB message (version 16 or later) for AWB.

2) Complete and accurate FHL message (version 4 or later) for HAWB.

The FWB and FHL messages MUST contain the required 6 ACAS data elements.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

The FWB and FHL messages must be received by Cargolux asap before goods handover to Cargolux, for all

shipments. Therefore the Cargolux customer must have an IT system that is able to send the FWB and FHL electronic

messages to Cargolux.

CV Web Portal

For those Cargolux customers with no EDI capability, Cargolux can offer its CargoWEB which is a web portal for

manual input of the FWB and FHL data for shipments to be transported by Cargolux.

Free access to CargoWEB is available upon request to Cargolux, who will issue user-id and password login to the

portal. Please contact cargoweb@cargolux.com for more details.


Cargolux kindly requests all our customers to fulfill the ACAS requirements in order to avoid any pre-loading delays,

and to facilitate the prompt and secure flow of shipments to the US.

N.B. Please also be aware that other countries will be following with their own ACAS-like pre-loading programs in the

future, e.g. UK in 2019, EU in 2022, and Canada to follow.

For further information about the ACAS data requirements and ACAS screening, please contact: placi@cargolux.com

We thank you for your understanding and ongoing support,


With kind regards,

Your Cargo Sales Team 

Cargolux Airlines International Ltd.


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