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Dear partners,

The Chinese Customs Authorities have announced strict enforcement of regulations for import carrier manifest that will become effective from 1st of June, 2018(China Customs announcement No. 56). Freight forwarders are required to study and understand the new regulations, and secure that the below AWB (HWB) requirement information is included: nature of goods, shipper/consignee and “OCI” (Other Customs and Regulatory Control Information) and copy to element of the FWB/FHL (FWB ver. 16 or higher / FHL ver. 4).

Requirement information in AWB:

·   Nature Goods: cargo description must be complete and accurate
(CN Goods Description in attach)
·   Shipper and Consignee: full contact details must be included
 Company Name
 ZIP code
·   Address

·   Tel.
·         OCI: USCI number of shipper (Enterprise USCI Types per Country in attach)
and Chinese business registration number of consignee (USCC)

Carrier are responsible for sending this information to the Customs authority at destination port (PVG, PEK and CAN) latest 4 hours prior to the scheduled arrival time.
Failure to comply with these new regulations could result in rejection of the transported goods upon arrival and either destruction or return of the goods to origin. All costs, which are related with the violation of rules, will be forwarded to the AWB issuing agent.


Please let us know in further questions or additional information needed.



Download of CN Goods Description

Download of Enterprise USCI Types per Country



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